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Our team is always ready to help you! We are here to make all of your commercial and residential remodeling or new construction needs go smooth. Every last one of our team holds valuable skills that allow us to do the things we do.

Stacey Layssard
Team Member

If you have ANYTHING that needs done then this is the man for the job. I have not seen anything that this man cannot do and do it better than anyone else. He can cut glass, mirrors, finish sheetrock, hang doors, install trim and simply charm everyone while he does it. He always has a smile on his face and makes sure you will too. We are happy to have Stacey.

Shane Ponthieux

Shane is co-owner and strives to make sure all customers are happy while seeking out new ways to make our little company support all of our fine associates. When you call for an estimate, he may be estimating your project but it is extremely possible to find him in the field with a tool belt on, picking up the slack where it is needed. Dedicated is the simplest way to describe his attitude towards our company.

Alejandro Lazarin
Team Member

Alex is a dedicated, respectful, dependable and very hard-working carpenter helper, painter, and all around handy guy that likes to put a smile on your face. He takes pride in everything he does.

Zac Waggener
Team Member

When it comes to sheetrock and painting, Zac is at the top of the list. He knows how to keep the customers happy and keep moving on to the next project. Dependable is an adjective that understates his willingness to keep moving forward.

Britton Carrol
Team Member

Office Manager, Estimator, Project Manager. Britton wears many hats in our company. He handles a large amount of our estimating and makes sure Annie has the support in the office when things come up. We are proud to have Britton on our team.

Joe Crain
Team Member

Dedicated to customer satisfaction.
Joe will make sure that everything is done to make you happy with your remodel project.

Keith Croy
Team Member

Keith is a skilled craftsman that pays attention to details. He will build your cabinets and hang your crown with the utmost precision. He takes pride in everything he does.

Tracy Rainwater
Team Member

New to our team. Tracy is an awesome finish carpenter with the skills to do just about anything that you could possibly need around your home. He will fix your pipes, paint your soffits, install your vinyl siding, install your doors and everything in between.

Annie Gilbert
Team Member

When you give us a call, Annie will make sure that you get to speak to the proper person to handle your project. She will schedule the estimate and follow up to make sure you remained satisfied throughout your project.

Caleb Evers
Team Member

One of the most well-mannered guys you will ever meet. Caleb enjoys his job of working on other's homes. He is talented in too many trades to list and is not afraid to do any project. One of the youngest guys we have, but by far talented beyond his age. He is a natural.

Trent Cotton
Team Member

Trent comes from a long line of sheetrock finishers and painters. He has learned from the best and is downright artistic with a paint brush. He is the youngest of our team and is always willing to do whatever it takes to make your rooms shine.

Darvin Kerry
Team Member

Darvin is the veteran of our group with the most experience out of any 3 of us combined. If it comes to sheetrock or paint then he has either done it or taught a class on how to do it. He is a guru in that world and respected by everyone that knows him. We are grateful to have Darvin on our team.

James Crain
Co-owner and 2017 President

James is co-owner and 2017 President of the Home Builders Association of Central Louisiana. James not only plays a supporting role in the company taking care of whatever situation arise, but also advocates Residential and Commercial construction laws and codes. He is always looking for a way to move into the future and bring those around him along for the ride. He enjoys his job and his life.

Jedediah Bartley

Jed is our Field Superintendent. He will make sure your project has the proper individuals scheduled to finish your project in a timely manner and without any headaches.


15 yrs. ago, in 2001, I noticed the need for a responsible, knowledgeable and dependable remodeling/handyman company in Central Louisiana; that is when I decided to create a business that would provide all of those qualities. After many years of helping individuals in our community, I formed an LLC in 2011 and started hiring a team to keep up with the growing business. In 2013 I took on a partner to help with the growth of the company. At that time we modernized the company and have been looking forward ever since.

I started creating Crain’s Remodeling by talking to contractors and helping individuals with their own projects at home. I would do sub-contracting work such as roofing, and vinyl siding on new projects while promoting the remodeling/handyman services for private individuals. The name Crain’s Remodeling and Maintenance LLC. came from me wanting to have a simple yet catchy name that described exactly what I was offering to the public. The LLC on the end of it would just let people know that I was serious about my business and not just some jackleg. In 2013 I took on a partner to help with the growth of the business. After years of marketing and getting the word of who we are and what we do we simply shortened the name to CR for a more modern look to the business.

The first memory I have, that made me think of getting into this profession, is of a screen door I helped a friend install on a ladies home. His father had been doing handyman work for a very long time in the community and was one of the best at everything he did. I went along with him to install a screen door on a ladies home that had been looking for someone to do her small project for a long time. When we went to install the door she was so happy and excited that we were there. After seeing the gratefulness of his customer for the simple job we did I decided it was time to take matters in my own hands and provide this service to everyone in Central Louisiana. The best advice I ever received was from Edgar Voiselle. He is that friend’s father. He told me to “always answer your phone, be honest, take care of problems the minute they come up and the customer will always be happy.”

Through the years I have had many mantra’s:

Making a house your home.

No job to big or small. We do it all.

Quality craftsmanship guaranteed:

It seems this mantra that has stuck with me. It is what we preach to our team and sums up how we run our business. What motivates us to do what we do is seeing the smiles on people’s faces. It can be as simple as a simple repair to their home or giving them the remodeled project of their dreams. Making our customers dreams come true is very satisfying.

What separates us from our competition is that we try to make the remodeling process as painless and seamless as possible. We try to not disrupt a customer’s life for the duration of the remodel. We stay on top of scheduling and keep the customer of what is happening on a constant basis with communication. We treat each and every project as if it is the only project we have going on at that time and give it our full attention. We would like our customers to know that there is NOTHING that we cannot do to help them. We have quality individuals providing quality services at an affordable price.


• The client would call for an estimate and be set up for an appointment for an estimator to come out and look at the project

• An estimator would show up “on time” at the scheduled date and time of the estimate scheduled. At that time the estimator would take all measurements and discuss the project the client is wanting done.

• The estimator would write the estimate for the project and have it returned to the client within one week of the initial scheduled estimate of the project.

• Our office staff will follow up with the client approx. one week from the time the estimate was given to the client.

• If the client decides to move forward with the project then we would schedule a start date that is good for both CR and the client.

• CR has a pre-construction meeting with the client to go over all the details and prepare for the project. At this time the client would be introduced to our project manager. A contract and payment schedule is agreed upon at this time as well.

• CR shows up “on time” to the client’s home on the scheduled date to start the project.

• CR takes pride in making sure they respect the client’s personal space by keeping the work area neat and clean and picked up as they perform the desired project for them.

• CR provides great customer service with a friendly, qualified team to complete the project all the way from interior design to the installation and completion.

•The project manager of the project walks through with the client and makes sure they are 100% satisfied with the services CR has provided.

• Upon the client being satisfied they would be invoiced.

• Customer is happy and refers CR for many more projects in the future.

Customers are happy--- See FACEBOOK for comments.

We have experienced associates in every aspect of our business. Sheetrock, tile, painting, framing, plumbing, electrical and every other skill you could think of. Our team is friendly, responsible individuals that take pride in their work. They are proud of their job and enjoy making the customers happy. We also like to be involved in the community and help out with community projects when the opportunity presents itself and we are available.


We Love What We Do

Our employees come to work smiling and ready to build your dream. They have a passion for remodeling and are qualified to work on your design.

Leave ItTo Us

Doing it yourself doesn’t always pan out. Rely on our knowledge and experience instead. Your remodeling plan is in the best of hands.

We Truly Care

The right care can ensure the success of any remodeling effort. We believe in partnership & trust and work with you to create a great space.

Our Promise to You

We promise to always provide value and outstanding service, regardless of your lifestyle need, design preference, or budget constraint.